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... [Назад]21 авг 2017, 1:25
This is an appeal
To the struggling and striving stakeholders of this planet
This floating rock we call Earth

Alas, that means you
That means everyone of your acquaintance
Every figure your eyes skim past in the street
Every charlatan still to defeat
Every tender face you find solace in
Now mimic the mindset William Wallace was in

Dismount, disembark, descend from your existence
Slacken your angst and decant your hate
Cause in the long run they're about as useful
As pouring acid onto your dinner plate

To muzzled masses that lead lives of deafening desperation
With Excalibur aloft King Arthur earned the throne
But it's our minds we got to wrench out of stone

Don't be fooled by it's simplicity
There was never a broadcast made of such urgency
Cause at no time before us
Did we grasp the scope of this emergency

Ladle out love and logic by the boatload
Equipped with that cargo you can take any road
Now grab life, seize time
This fight is for human kind

Enter Shikari - The Appeal and The Mindsweep I

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